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Character Concept Art

This Tutorial Is Recommended For Intermediate to Advanced Digital Artists and is executed in Corel Painter. Basic knowledge of Corel Painter and digital painting is recommended.

In this tutorial I develop a character idea in 3 different directions to show how you can take a simple idea and branch into several visual styles. I go over developing shapes, forms, color and lighting. I also show how to start with a very loose gestural sketch and refine it into a more finished rendering by refining the drawing, without losing the idea, and then rendering from grayscale into color.


-Instructional Video With Narration (about 1 hour 12 minutes) Mainly covering my philosophy for creating fictional characters.

-Custom Brushes for Painter 2017 and Above

-Layered high resolution PSD showing steps and progression

David Harrington

You will get 4 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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