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Ideation - Using Real-world Reference

In this September 2017 Patreon tutorial I talk about how to use real-life reference to create something new. People often use reference directly, like looking for images of buildings to paint a building, but I discuss using reference as inspiration for something that isn't directly related to what you are working on. Maybe a shape on an insect could make a cool armor design, or maybe a tree texture could be used to create the skin of a character.

For the first part of the tutorial I show how I used this technique to create the Aetherborn in Magic: The Gathering for the card Gonti, Lord of Luxury. In the second part I create a new painting, showing how you can use shapes to create new ideas.

Some of the topics I cover include:

• Using reference as inspiration for shape language • Repeating elements • Character design • Creating skin textures • and more!

Length - 02:24:53 Format - 2560x1440 MP4 Language - English, full commentary File size - 6.2GB

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