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Making Nissa Commentary Video

Join illustrator Clint Cearley as he walks you through the creation process of Nissa, Vital Force for Magic: The Gathering. From reading the brief and rough sketches to compositional mistakes and final details. This is a commentary that steps through 20 stages of the creation process, not a recording time-lapse. Included is a bonus portfolio review and paintover video that focuses on lighting, rendering surfaces and perspective. There is some good stuff in this review, don't skip it. • HD video (44 minute runtime) • PSD with snapshots showing process • PSD of final painting • JPG composite wallpaper • Bonus paintover review video (31 minute runtime)

Feedback on Making Nissa: “I bought this and it was great! 10/10” "..really helps me to understand how to go about creating images for myself" "My jaw dropped on the paintover"

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