Game ready

Low Poly Fish Collection

The 3d collection is presented as 4 meshes with quads only.

Swordfish Verts : 622 Faces: 620

Orca Verts : 576 Faces: 574

Shark Verts : 908 Faces: 850

Dolphin Verts : 672 Faces: 670

PLEASE NOTE Only the orca 3d model have a simple diffuse texture and UVMap, the other models have simple diffuse colors.

No rig for all models.

The original files was created in blender. You will receive a 3DS, OBJ, FBX, blend, DAE, Stl.

All preview images were rendered with Blender Cycles. Products are ready to render out-of-the-box. Please note that the lights, cameras, and background is only included in the .blend file. The models are clean and alone in the other provided files, centred at origin and hev real-world scale.

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