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Module 1: Basics Zbrush - 3D Art School

3D Character Art in Zbrush: Basic to Intermediate 16 Vols - 3D Art School

Welcome to 3D Art School, in this first pack: "3D CHARACTER ART - Basic to Intermediate" When you want to lern how create character but to professional level, maybe for video games, animation or collectibles, everyone ask me if I teach how to make characters for games or for animation, but they don´t know than that is the the technical part, is the second big step. The firt step is the art part, lern how to make good characters, with strong anatomical bases. If you know how to create great characters, in that moment, ok you can say, now I need the technical steps for my major, my focus (games, animation, collectibles....)

With the 3 Modules included of "3D CHARACTER ART - Basic to Intermediate" you will lern from zero to hero. I guearantee you will improve fast and obtein a high level modeling charcters (Comic, realistic, cartoon..) , you only need follow the corses step by step, make the pilots and stay in communication with me to resolve your questions. If you do that and dont´t work. I´ll refund your money. I guarantee the results.

You don´t need have drawing skills to be a Character Artist, I am trained many people with amazing skills, and the 99% don´t know how to draw, you only need begin now!

All the courses are available individually and have a cost around $19 each - amazing if you only need learn specific skills.

See the image below for the full curriculum!

Requrements: Zbrush 4r7 or higher (In you can find hte Zbrush requirements for your computer) -Drawing tablet

Courses included:

MODULE 01: The Bases of Zbrush Zbrush Vol 1 - Zbrush Basics Zbrush Vol 2 - Cartoon pet Zbrush Vol 3 - Harley Quinn Weapon

**This is the first part of the 3D Art School, I am working of the technical part, I mean Game Character Modeling, Sculpture modeling for collectibles and Animation modeling. Join me to this epic ride and let me help you to become in a strong "3D Character Artist"!!

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