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Imaginative Drawing: Concept Art Characters

Expand your imagination and the drawings in your sketchbook with celebrated comic artist Camilla D'Errico. In this 25-minute class, you will go into Camilla's studio and explore her sketchbooks, the elements of a character that inspire her, and the exercise she uses to bring more originality to her work, and attitude to her characters through pop-surrealism.

Watch Camilla create a completely new, original character by combining different features to compose a surreal, imaginitive concept. Camilla will start with reserach, then she will draw thumbnails of each of her ideas. She will then select the character she wants to bring to life as a final piece. You will watch Camilla build on her sketch and add essential character features to create a final, beautiful graphite drawing of a girl in her unique style.

Camilla approaches her work with the techniques of Manga art, but this class is exciting and applicable for illustrators and artists, and anyone who likes to draw. You will push your imagination and drawing skills to concept and create something completely new.

What You'll Learn

  • ** Introduction. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to combine styles and techniques from two art world genres: manga and pop surrealism. Camilla D'Errico will start by giving you a rundown on drawing artwork and getting together your concept. - Project and materials. **For this kind of art, you’ll need basic tools like pencils, an eraser, and a sketchbook. You’ll learn the difference between hard and soft lead and how to choose pencils based on graphite thickness. Camilla will go over some tricks of the trade, like using a paintbrush and wearing old socks on your hands to prevent graphite smudging, along with other pencil drawing techniques.
  • *Concepting and thumbnails. *Time to throw physics out the window. You’ll watch Camilla embrace logic-defying designs as she conceives of her character. Starting with panels, you’ll learn to make a number of sketches before settling on your final idea. You will start by drawing out basic shapes before adding details to your character.
  • *Drawing your outlines. *You’ll begin your drawing with loose shapes and by laying out proportions before honing in on details. You’ll also learn how to draw manga faces by using crosshairs as facial maps.
  • *Fleshing out your drawing: 1. *Here you’ll learn pencil drawing techniques like using varying levels of pressure and crosshatching to create shadow. Camilla will demonstrate pencil strokes and show you how to choose and follow the guidelines of your drawing’s light source.
  • Fleshing out your drawing: 2. In watching Camilla draw a pattern onto a bowtie, you’ll learn how to depict the textured elements of your drawing by following the bumps and curves of fabric. You’ll also learn how to layer different elements of your drawing to show spatial relationships and how to “draw” with an eraser.
  • *Fleshing out your drawing: 3. *Camilla’s manga faces start and end with the eyes. In manga, noses and lips typically involve minimal definition, so the eyes have to pop. You’ll learn how to add highlights to your manga character’s eyes and the best techniques for filling in textured elements like hair and fur.
  • Finishing your drawing. Adding the final touches on your pop surrealist manga drawing means darkening up some lines. You’ll learn how to add definition between overlapping elements, focusing on strands of hair and the spots where different body parts and clothing elements meet. Camilla will give you ideas for future characters, reminding you not to be afraid to “mix birds and octopi and elephants and girls”— your surrealism can get even more surreal with practice.

Skills in this Class: Illustration : Digital Illustration : Character : Design : Concept Art : Creative

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