CG Art Tutorials You Don’t Want to Miss: Part 2

CG Art Tutorials You Don’t Want to Miss: Part 2

The universe of CG art is endless. Even for experienced vets, there are likely worlds still to be explored. That’s why you can never get enough quality tutorials. We brought you some of the best in CG Art Tutorials You Don't Want to Miss: Part 1, and we’re here to bring you a few more:

Line Art to Hyper Realism - Portrait Illustration

David Villegas, known as Deiv Calviz, is a freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Sweden who has experience working on several popular games such as the League of Legends, The Last of Us, Sims, and more. Calviz has amassed a substantial following on Youtube with over 55K subscribers, where he uploads new tutorials monthly.

Tutorial Details

This 1-hour tutorial is comprised of a step-by-step timelapse of Calviz’s painting process, including:

  • 30 minutes of narrated painting tips
  • JPEG process steps
  • Layered PSD of line art stage
  • Layered PSD of rough color
  • PDF outline of notes

Other Great Tutorials by Deiv Calvez

Calvez offers many diverse tutorials ranging from small- to large-scale illustrations. His Creature Concept Design and Fantasy City Painting courses alone show the breadth of his work. From using animal anatomy to painting a city in Photoshop based on a rough sketch, Calvez provides an array of tutorials that you can continually learn from.

How to Draw a Female Face

Svetlana Tigai, known as Tsvetka, is a freelance illustrator based in Kyrgyzstan. With over 74K followers on Instagram, Tsvetka is known for her playful and vibrant comics and watercolor art. 

Tutorial Details

The tutorial demonstrates portrait drawing and includes the following:

  • 1 hour video tutorial with voice description
  • 3 hours 17 minutes real-time version with voice commentary
  • PSD file with all layers
  • Full-sized JPEG and colored version
  • Light and shadow theory summary
  • 16 PSD brushes used in the video

Other Great Tutorials by Svetalani Tigai

She currently has 60 affordable tutorial bundles on Cubebrush, which range from watercolor to other mediums, such as drawing with ink. Her focus is on female characters, though she also covers more general tutorials like how to choose a color palette.

Ghibli Style Easy Brush-Pack and How to Use It

Mels Mneyan is the founder of VMS Studio, a digital art collective that creates tools for other creatives to increase workflow efficiency and improve their experience. While they provide kitbashes, 3D models, and assets, VMS Studio also offers a large and diverse range of tutorials.

Tutorial Details

This tutorial walks you through a series of how-to’s related to the provided Ghibli-style 250+ brush-pack, including:

  • How to use the sky brush set to draw stylized sky and clouds
  • How to use the water brush set to draw rivers and sea
  • How to use the nature brush set to draw leaves, grass, etc.

What Artists Are Saying

With an average of 4.7 stars, this tutorial is generally loved by its users. The tools provided, such as the set of brushes, are said to be impeccable, and the tutorials are helpful in showing the range of their use.

ZBrush 2021 +.5 +.6 What's New PLUS Bonus!

Michael Pavlovich is an industry vet with a focus in 3D concept art pipelines for gaming. With over 100K subscribers on Youtube, Pavlovich is a popular teacher in the CG world, especially for all things ZBrush.

Tutorial Details

This bundle runs through the new features on ZBrush 2021 so that you can update your toolbox. The 80 videos (13 hours of instruction) cover the following and more:

  • Dynamic cloth simulation
  • Cloth brushes
  • Edge extrusion, surface snapping, auto vert welding and topology techniques
  • Animation catching
  • Symmetrical sculpting
  • Nanomesh updates

The package also includes bonus content including an extra 30 videos (5 hours of instruction) with a handful of scene attachments all for your use!

What Artists Are Saying

This bundle is known for being the best of its kind, with well-rounded instruction on ZBrush and its 2021 updates. With an average of 5 stars, Pavlovich’s tutorials are great for beginner and experienced artists alike.

Video Tutorial: Full Body Character Portrait

Loish is a digital artist based in the Netherlands specializing in designing and drawing female characters. With over 2.4M followers on Instagram, Loish is regarded as a top-level artist, known for her full-of-life luminescent drawings and abundant talent.

Tutorial Details

In this tutorial, Loish walks you through creating a full-body female character portrait. This is comprised of:

  • Her method to creating character concepts and rough-draft character artwork
  • How to maximize efficiency
  • Shortcuts and finalizing using the sketch
  • The Loish brush set and low-res final image

What Artists Are Saying

All highly rated, Loish’s tutorials are incredibly popular amongst the artist communities. Known for her effective teaching methods, Loish uses simple but powerful tools to create what many describe as some of the best tutorials in the industry.

Project EDGE

Fausto is a freelance designer with experience in video game cinematics and as a concept artist and illustrator for movies and robotics. He is known for his unique tutorial style, which takes the unconventional form of an E-Book.

Tutorial Details

Project EDGE is described as an ‘E-Book Art book experience’ incorporating artwork, behind-the-scenes information, as well as traditional tutorials that walk you through Fausto’s methods of designing. The bundle contains:

  • Clickable and interactive ‘markers’ on each page of the E-Book
  • Video tutorial of approaches to KitBash techniques
  • Two Max Scripts

What Artists Are Saying

Fausto’s E-Book format creates a unique experience that offers a shift away from conventional teaching methods in the digital art world and is, therefore, less known. Nonetheless, it is a style that those who have discovered it enjoy.

Keep Learning

Cubebrush offers endless opportunities for continued learning. With thousands of tutorials from your favorite artists and more, your appetite for knowledge will no doubt be satisfied. 

Alongside both budding and experienced artists on Cubebrush, community forums are another great space to learn from others and to seek help and advice. Forum categories range from art blogs to contests, making the Cubebrush community of other artists another invaluable resource in your journey to mastering digital art.

Regardless of how you learn best, we're committed to continue bringing you the best of the best.