Medieval Pixelart Props

Our Medieval pixel art asset pack contains :

-1 spritesheet for the Props

-Unity package with organized prefabs and a test scene

-The original aseprite files

If you want the complete Medieval pack with a discount here it is:

362 different props!

Complete with:

-5 windows

-14 doors (6 doors open and closed and 2 side doors)

-1 wall niche for statues

-3 locks

-8 treasure chests (4 types both open and closed)

-2 sewer leakage

-2 beds

-3 statues

-2 mirrors

-4 pots

-2 spider webs

-7 customizable levers

-5 wall moss

-8 stairs (3 complete and 5 modular)

-8 shields on walls

-7 books

-2 bookshelf

-7 kind of food

-4 chairs

-15 weapons on walls

-14 potions and alchemist equipment

-18 tables (complete or modular)

-29 columns (complete or modular)

-34 customizable shadows

and even more! glasses,bottles,different fornitures,banners,altars,treasures, a throne, chains and skeletons, kitchenware and cutlery,chimney and stoves!

Our plan for the future is to create other asset packs with characters and enemies, that you could use in conjunction with this asset.

Stay tuned for new releases! Most images are created using our free asset :

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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