Volcano pixel art environment

Pixel Art environment pack that you can use to create great levels for your games!

Useful for creating forest levels in 2D, complete with tiles, props, sky, backgrounds and platforms.
The asset contains:

-2 spritesheets (one for Volcano tiles, one for the static props)
- Unity package with organized tilesets and prefabs

tiles size 48x48

112 terrain tiles
22 platform tiles
18 bridge tiles
19 sky tiles
6 lava tiles
2 spikes tiles

Props are made to be built on 4 different levels of depth.

24 mixed stones with lava
5 wood posts props
4 mixed props
15 lavaless stones
20 volcano trees props
17 background props
14 far background props
15 front overlay props

Our plan for the future is to create other asset packs with characters and enemies, that you could use in conjunction with this asset.

Stay tuned for new releases!

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