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Wild Rose Expansion for RE4R Ada (174 Files πŸ“₯)

Release Date: 2023.07.03

Version: 1.7 (Check Changelog

Game: Resident Evil 4 Remake 2023

Teaser for Separate Ways:

There's a separate Expansion Pack that can be used for Wild Rose Ada Campaign, which are totally independent from Playable Version, and vice versa. Check the promo video for more info.


πŸ“ Main File (Required for Separate Ways & Ada Campaign Addons) :

πŸ“This is an encrypted mod which needs a 3rd-party software to work. If you used it before, then the process is all the same. Should you have any questions, feel free to DM me or leave a comment below.

What's Included (Expansion Incl. Playable Version):

Playable Custom Addon With Ada Facial Animation Support

5 Styles Of Look

4 Corset Designs

2 Corset Lace Options

3 Glove Colors (Black, Red & White)

3 Glove Designs

7 Glove Styles

4 Gloves Colors (Blue, Brown, Yellow & White)

4 Heels Colors (Silver, Black, Orange, Red)

5 Leg Strap Colors (Brown, Pink, Purple, Red & White)

5 Mic Colors (Black, Blue, Pink, Red & White)

2 Mic Light Styles

Nails Polish & Tattoo Design

4 Pants Colors (Black, Red, White & Yellow)

6 Pants Styles

9 Pants Designs

4 Shorts Colors (Black, Red, White & Yellow)

6 Strap Colors (Black, Blue, Brown, Pink, Red, White)

5 Vest Colors (Black, Pink, Red & Yellow Dirty)

8 Vest Designs

163 Separate Files (Add-ons & Options) for Convenient Usage

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