High Poly Models

Boeing 787-8

Accurate very high definition model of a Boeing 787- 8 Dreamliner textured with the Boeing livery. The holes for the windows and doors are modelled and a low detailed interior is included. The landing gears, turbines and other smaller details are modelled in a very high level of detail so close up renderings are possible. The model is included with opened and closed landing gears. Textures are created in very high resolution. Texture for the main body has a width of 16384 pixel.

Parts of the model have been created as SubDivision/TurboSmooth surface. This means using the 3dSMax or the Maya 2013 version you can change the resolution/smoothness of the surface very easy. If you import the low resolution of the .obj, .fbx or .lwo version into a 3D Software that supports SubDivision surfaces, you can also change the resolution/smoothness of the surface very easy. The base version of the model which is not smoothed has of 4166075 polygons.

For other software packages that do not support SubDivision surfaces the model is available in a high resolution version with 11556446 polygons.

3ds Max 2010 Format: TurboSmooth is applied so you can set the object resolution as you like. Just use the Named Selection Set TurboSmooth to select the SubD objects and the Named Selection Set interior for the interior. The doors are animated.

Maya 2013 Format: A selection set for all SubDivision surface parts is included so you can change the resolution easily. A display layer for the interior is included so you can hide it easily if needed.

FBX/ Cinema 4D 9.6/ Lwo 6.0 / Obj/ 3ds Format: In a high resolution version with 11556446 polygons.

Previews rendered in 3dsMax using VRay. Please note that the VRay materials and light settings are not included.

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