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Backgammon Doubling Cube

File: Doubling Cube.stl Name: Doubling Cube PLA Material: 14.01 grams ( 0.03 lbs) Infill = 11% Size: 31.75 mm (1.25") x 31.75 mm ( 1.25") x 31.75 mm (1.25") Resolution: 0.20mm Layers: 165 layers Rafts: Yes Supports: No Print Time: 1 hr 15 min Function: This is a simple doubling cube that is used by degenerate gambling backgammon players from around the world. If printed 1:1 then the cube is 1.25" (31.75mm) in all directions. Perfect for replacing that piece you threw into the night when your little brother beat you or maybe you just need an extra.

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