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80/20 Extrusion Cap

File: Cap.stl Name: Cap PLA Material: 2.63 grams ( 0.006 lbs) Infill = 10% Size: 25.4 mm (1") x 25.4 mm (1") x 5.08 mm (0.2") Resolution: 0.20mm Layers: 31 layers Rafts: Yes Supports: No Print Time: 0 hr 14 min Function: This cap goes on the end of aluminum extrusions for improved cosmetic appearance. If you print it 100% then it will work a 1"x1" extrusion (80/20 1010 series). The pictures show the first generation of this part. If you print it 150% then it will work on the 1.5"x1.5" extrusion (80/20 1515 series). If you print at 79% then it will work on the metric 20mm x 20mm extrusion.

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