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Modular Planters

Highly detailed and highly optimized model of modular planters with bench. modular planter with different plant kinds with different shapes, you can make more shapes with this module planters. shape plans guide attached. planter plants 3d model: Aloe Vera planter Bird of paradise planter elephant ear planter Tropical snow planter wildflower planter 3d model

High-Resolution and real texture of plants, soil, wood and dirt concrete bench to give realistic and faster rendering. Perfect model for landscape, street furniture, outdoor furniture, garden, park renders, city square, city landscape environment, exterior architecture and environment visualization 3d models. Give superb look in gaming engine. triangle poly and clean polygons

1 planter Polygons: 42567 Total Polygons: 529665

1 planter Verts: 24289 Total Verts : 575393

Dimensions: Lenght : 135 cm Width: 100 cm Height: 50 cm without plant

Formats 3ds max - Vray / Corona Cinema4d Blender obj fbx Stl

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