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GestureDrawing! is a handy app for Windows and Mac that lets you use your own image collections to create timed drawing sessions (put to good use all that reference images on your computer!).

Just point it to a folder on your computer and it will scan it and it's subfolders for images. Then, select a session type that fits you (Practice, Class, Relaxed or Custom) and it will shuffle your images and present them one after another for the specified amount of time.

It's the closest thing to having a live model session in your studio, whenever you want!

GestureDrawing! 3.1 cool new features:

HiDPI support

GestureDrawing! now looks great on 4K/Retina displays.

Image orientation

Some JPG files contain information about how the should be rotated when they are displayed. GestureDrawing! can now read this info and rotate them accordingly.

Manual image flipping

Version 3 introduced random image flipping. Now you can also do it manually for greater control.

Features introduced in version 3:


Drawing can be a physically and mentally exhausting activity and taking a break every now and then can help you boost your productivity and keep focus. With that end, you can now schedule break times in your drawing sessions!


Having a grid over your references can help you study proportions and composition.

Image flipping

Get the most out of your references or add an extra challenge by telling GestureDrawing! to randomly flip your images vertically or horizontally.

Volume slider

For a better volume control.


Get the free trial here: Just note that this trial is from previous version 2, some newer features will be missing.

Bonus material:

  • A selection of almost 500 reference photos by Marcus Ranum to get you started right away! (free distribution files -
  • Three PSD templates with grids of different sizes to draw in them (if you like to have your drawings ordered, this is for you).
  • 5 Photoshop brushes specifically made to help you focus on capturing the pose and gesture.

System requirements:

· Windows 7 or later. · Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or later.

Supported image formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF

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