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Honda Civic Type R 2023

Manufacturer - Honda Also called - Honda Civic Type R Class - Compact Car Body style - 5-door hatchback

The car is made in real size Length - 4557 mm Width - 1877 mm Height - 1434 mm Wheelbase - 2735 mm

no smooth: 154707 polygons and 193347 vertices smooth level 1: 917243 polygons and 535072 vertices smooth level 2: 3533285 polygons and 1871636 vertices

The model is of high quality and photorealistic.

Real world scale.

Wheels, steering wheel and doors are grouped together.

All objects and materials are intelligently named.

22 textures with resolutions from 28x127 to 4096x4096.

The main model is 3ds Max 2016. It is rendered with V-Ray.

All Modifiers of 3ds Max file are not collapsed, so you can modify them.

All formats (3ds Max & Vray, 3ds Max & Standard, FBX, OBJ) are included 3 iteration leves (0, 1, 2)

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